Nobuyoshi Araki, from Sentimental Journey, Winter Journey, 1991

Sentimental Journey, Winter Journey focuses on Araki’s early life with his wife Yoko, and as well as her illness and death from ovarian cancer in 1990. The final image in the collection is of Yoko’s cat Chiro, playing in the snow after her passing.

Chiro would spend another twenty years as Araki’s companion, as well as appear in many of his photographs.

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Robert Doisneau, La table qui tourne, from”Occultisme,” 1943

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Kate Moss by Glen Luchford, "A Close Fit”, Vogue US, April 1995

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Julie Delpy by Stéphane Coutelle, 1990

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Roger Mertin, 1983

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Chris Stein, Debbie Harry & Clem Burke walk down 14th street, NYC, 1976

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Nobuyoshi Araki

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Garry Winogrand, New York City, 1960

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Léa Seydoux by Theo Wenner

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Sho Kikuchi, Paul Simonon backstage at the Koseinenkin Kaikan Hall, Tokyo, January 1982

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